Gracie Academy Philadelphia teaches martial arts to kids ages 5+, depending on size and maturity. Trials available for 4 year olds. Students learn both self defense and self confidence and have a lot of fun! Whether on the playground or dealing with a bully in school, kids with a Gracie Jiu-Jitsu education learn how to use prevention to avoid confrontation in the first place and how to protect themselves and avoid injury if necessary. Jiu-Jitsu takes natural tendencies towards wrestling behavior and gives them form, function, and responsibility.

Our kids class is for ages 5+This class combines both sport and self defense instruction for a fun blend and great exercise with a practical goal.

Every child gets a one-week trial to make sure both the parents and children are happy. Discounts for more than one family member apply, and uniforms are provided for the trial week! It couldn’t be easier to get your child started on one of the healthiest paths they can be on. Contact us today to get started.




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