In the Fundamentals Class, we cover basic Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) techniques and the fundamental movements of Jiu-Jitsu, including self-defense strategy and maneuvers. Students will learn how to fall, stand up, engage opponents, escape holds, apply basic take-downs, and apply basic submissions. The elemental movements you master here will prepare you for all subsequent levels.



Once a student learns the fundamentals they will continue into more advanced BJJ training. Here students will refine their basic techniques and begin to add more advanced positions and techniques. You will drill and work with more experienced students and improve your physical condition with Jiu-Jitsu specific exercises and resistance sparring.



No gi is the training of jiu-jitsu without the traditional kimono. This lends to faster training techniques that focus more on holding with the body vs. grips on the the gi. If you have a background in wrestling, you will start off feeling more familiar in this class than gi.



Open mat is designated time in the schedule where students can come in and practice techniques they want to focus on. 



Private lessons are available to schedule with instructors. They allow one on one focus from the instructor to help students work out issues and get more detailed instruction on techniques they are working on.


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